FAQs (frequently asked questions) about insulation and insulating your home.

Are all external walls suited to having cavity wall insulation installed?

Bonded bead cavity wall insulation can usually be installed in block built cavity walls where there is a free space of at least 40mm.

How do I know if my home is suitable for cavity wall insulation?

If you are unsure if your home is suitable, we can arrange for a surveyor to call and assess your home for suitability. Contact us to arrange an assessment.

How is cavity wall insulation carried out?

The cavity walls are drilled in a specific pattern laid out in the NSAI certification, to ensure all areas of the wall are filled. The insulation beads are blown into the cavity walls with an adhesive, which sets over a number of days. The holes are made good by patching to match the finish of the house.


I live in a semi detached house, can I get my walls insulated?

Yes, if the neighbouring house is not getting their cavity walls insulated at the same time as you, then a barrier is fitted in the cavity to prevent the insulation from filling the neighbouring cavities.

How long does it take to insulate the walls of my house?

It usually takes a few hours to install cavity wall insulation but larger houses may take longer.

Where can I find out more about the SEAI Home Energy grants available?
I am applying for the SEAI grant, what is your Contractor ID number?

Our Contractor Registration number is 10017.

I am applying for the SEAI grant, can I apply for cavity wall insulation or attic insulation only?

Yes, insulation grants are available for an individual energy upgrade ie for cavity wall insulation  grant and/ or attic insulation grant.


What attic insulation is best for my house?

If you are unsure what insulation would suit your attic best, we can arrange for a surveyor to call, assess your attice and advise you of your options. Please call us to arrange this.

I have some insulation in my attic, can it be topped up?

Our surveyor can advise you whether your attic insulation can be topped up or whether it would be best to remove the old insulation and replace with new attic insulation. This would be determined by the condition of your existing insulation.

Where can spray foam insulation be used?

Open cell Spray Foam insulation can be installed between the rafters of a new or existing roof  to provide an airtight solution, with excellent insulation properties.

Closed cell Spray Foam is used to insulate metal roofs, eg sheds.


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