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Airtight Membrane

For new build houses

Air tightness (or infiltration of unwanted air, draughts) is the ingress of un-planned air into and out of a building. This is gauged by means of a Blower Door Test which becomes a requirement for all new buildings as of July 2007.

This will typically take place through open cracks or gaps in the fabric construction of a new building, open cracks or gaps created where the structure penetrates the outer skin of the building, open cracks or gaps around door and window openings, open cracks or gaps where services enter the building.
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Airtight Membrane
With the introduction of air-tight membrane building’s thermal performance increases so is its energy efficiency. It practically eliminates large heat losses associated with infiltration, which can typically reach up to 30 W/m2. Also the internal heat gains from lighting, other electrical appliances and you are now sufficient to match, the now much smaller heat losses. Draughts, infiltration heat loss, and window draughts are no longer a problem. Comfort within the building is increased with simple control of heat i.e. thermostats.
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