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Bio Foam

For timber & steel framed houses and constructions

Foam Insulation is a two part product installed by custom designed equipment. This product is ideal for Timber Frame and Steel Frame construction.

When installed the material expands to 100 times its original size to completely fill all voids. This ensures a thermally sealed and airtight finish which does not settle or sag after time.

Foam Insulation is applied by spraying liquid chemical components onto open walls, ceilings, trusses and floor surfaces. Preparation to the applied surfaces is generally not necessary. When applied the components quickly expand to make a foam layer of millions of air pockets covering surfaces and filling cracks and voids. The foam adheres to almost any surface, and only takes seconds to cure.

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Airtight Membrane
Commercial Buildings. The spray foam is applied directly on to the underside of the roof forming a rigid barrier without need to measure cut, glue or vapor seal. Depending on thickness applied, this will make dramatic improvements to the insulation properties. Will eliminate condensation drip problems and could improve the inside to out side temperature by 6 - 8 degrees. This product has a Class 1 fire rating.
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