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High Performance Bead

For existing concrete homes

Highly effective platinum bead insulation, with a thermal conductivity of 0.033w/mk, can be injected into concrete built cavity walls. Offering you the home owner the chance to upgrade the insulation of your property. Vastly reducing the heat loss of your home this keeps you warm and saves you money.

A series of holes are drilled to a specific drilling pattern in the external leaf to give complete fill. The insulation is then injected, with each bead receiving a coating of adhesive which then bonds within the cavity to give a continuous insulation. The holes are then filled to as close a finish as possible to your outside finish.
Abbey Insulation
High Performance Bead (New Build)
High Performance Bead (Existing)
Cellulose Insulation
Bio-Foam Insulation
Airtight Membrane
Cellulose is used to insulate the attic space. This is blown in creating a complete blanket of insulation, when installed this can achieve U-Value’s down as far as 0.10 W/m2K. Cellulose is produced using recycled paper, which has added inorganic salts, this makes it extremely resistant to fire and fungal attack, and is both insect and vermin proof. Abbey Insulation  
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